Hot-taste garbage bag : Yaburenzo

Yaburenzo developed to avoid dissemination of garbage by crows, rats and cats is laminate coated inside with condensed liquid of red pepper. Hard to bite off because of hot taste.
(mitsugiron.co.jp/ via nikkan-kyusyu.com: Approx. $46.00)

Spoon which keeps a horizontal position : Heikou-Iji Spoon

The joint of a spoon and a handle rotates so that, in what way you have it, the spoon always keeps proper position. Person with handicapped hand can use this spoon.
(koboaich: Approx. $10.00)
It is very important to improve the things which have been used for a long time and which seem to be no room to change. Spoon is one of the oldest tools and has been used for over thousands years without a big change. And here it is! `Keep horizontal position.' Good point! We, who don't have any physical handicap, don't think of this kind of idea.I'm expecting that this company `Fukushi Koubou Aichi` keep going.