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Just thinking switches on

Optical topography measures changes of blood flow amount in a brain, and the measurement signal succesufully swithces on/off of power of railway model. This experiment is expected to be a new interfrace for welfare apparatus to assist physically handicapped people who have trouble in operating various devices.

Melody Playing Road : Melody Road

Driving on closely-spaced grooves makes high-pitched sounds and widely-spaced grooves makes low-pitched counds. Utilizing this principle, a melody road plays melody when you drive. At present, Melody Road is paved as a tourist resource only in Nakashibetsu Town, Hokkaido. [melody]

Artificial Aurora

Artificial aurora which reproduces mechanism of aurora occurring in the real roof of heaven. The aurora is generated within the belly of the machine, where a near-vacuum state close to the atomospher 100~200 km above the ground is maintained. Electrons emitted at the velocity of 1000 km/second into the machine generate the aurora.


A matchbox-sized robot that can infiltrate a pack of cockroaches and influence their collective behaviour has been developed by European scientists.

The tiny robot smells and acts just like a roach, fooling the real insects into accepting it as one of their own. Through its behaviour, the robot can persuade a group of cockroaches to venture out into the light despite their normal preference for the dark, for example. [movie]

Enlarged to be a closeup map : Nobite-Kakudaizu

This unique map is introduced in web site "My Design" which materializes "I wish there were such things." The map, printed on a stretchable material, is enlarged by drawing out. Scaling up and down which conventional folding maps cannot do can be done seamlessly. This is just like Google Map!
(sf/ via

Wedding dress for use in space

Space Couture Design Contest supported by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is now being held. Prior to the contest, Eri Matsui, chairperson of the contest committee, designed a wedding dress which looks beatiful both under gravity and zero-gravity (picture on the left: under gravity, right: under zero-gravity). Her design stimulates our dream that we may get married in space soon.

Game that combines lasers with classic strategy : Deflexion

Players alternate turns moving Egyptian themed mirrored pieces around the playing field after which they fire their low powered laser diode with the goal of illuminating their opponent's pieces to eliminate them from the game.
This game makes good use of laser to add a little spice to the classic game.

Repair scratches on car surfaces : Scratch Guard Coat

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., has developed the world's first clear paint that repairs scratches on painted car surfaces, including scratches from car-washing machines, off-road driving and fingernails.
This kind of maintenance-free product is interesting.Sounds as if it's alive.

Photograph something at 90 degree rignt angle : Angle Scope

If you want to taka a shot who is too shy to be photograph, you must use this item. With Angle Scope lens, you can photograph someting at 90 degree right angle to the direction you are pointing your camera.
(?/ Ucyu-kan: Approx. $94.50)
I used to be into camera. Sometimes I wanted to take a shot of someone who are completely stranger. I shold have used this lens, really. It's rear that I gave 4 star.

An alarm clock which hides itself : Clocky

An alarm clock which hides itself when the snooze button is pressed. Because you have to search to find the clock, you are sure to awake.

Stenography Keyboard : StenoWord

"This keyboard has been used by stenographers who make captions for news. There are 10 keys; 5 keys on the right (vowel) and 5 keys on the left (consonant). You don't have to move your finger up-and-down like when you use regular keyboard. Once you get used to this keyboard, you can type more than 300 letters per minutes. Plus able to type 2 letters at the same time.
"a"+ "i" → "ai"
"aru" + "mashita" → "arimashita"
There are many more shortcut keys."

Jumping beans : mexican jumping beans

There are moth larvae in theses beans. They jump to escape the heat when you put them in the sun or when you keep them warm in your hands. It is against the quarantine regulations to bring them into Japan.
( via Kyo no Tsubuyaki: 4 pcs, 7 packs $10.00)

Cups askew without filling up : Balancing Cups

These balancing cups sit askew on the table, and as you fill them up, their balance changes, and they straighten up.
(?/ Approx. $72.00)

Wagging tail on your car : Thanks Tail

A tail for a car which can be remotely controlled from behind the wheel. Express your gratitude to fellow roadusers by wagging a tail. [movie]

Stick, not turning clockwise : Rattleback

Turning clockwise gradually causes vibration and eventually starts to turn anti-clockwise. Secret is in its shape. [movie]
(?/ Approx. $8.00)

Dream you want to dream : Yumemikobo

Yumemikobo leads you to a dream you want to dream utilizing light, sound and aroma.
(takara: Approx. $150.00)

Observe ants : Antquarium

The box contains nutritious jelly so that ants begin to nest and live. Since the jelly is transparent, ants can be observed from any direction.
(?/ GLOBUS: Approx. $30.00)

Cigarette case with timer : Otasuketto

If timer is set, the case doesn't open until the set time.
(?/ Approx. $42.00)

Shape memory screws

Because of the usage of shape memory polymer, thread disappears by adding heat. This is very useful for the dismantlement of home appliances.

High Directional Speakers : Audio Spot

This is a very narrow beam sound system that uses ultra sound. The sound can come from 1500 feet away and still sound like it comes from a few feet away.
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