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One-week forecast of purse-snatching

Osaka Prefectural Government launches a new service of forecasting snatching for one week just like weather forecast. Osaka Prefecture has the worst record of occurences of snatching for 30 years in row. To improve the situation, the government will start forecasting occurences of snatching based on the 5 year data of snatching. Police authority says that many cases of snatching can be avoided if the crime prevention consciousness among citizens are enhanced. Since the consciousness is not enough, this service is started, police explains.

Trimming Digital Camera : A.PIX

The a.Pix camera is designed around Hulger’s questioning of technology’s push for more and more complex objects. Digital technology is supposed to make taking pictures easier, but today’s cameras have a dizzying array of features most will never use. The ability to take an unlimited number of pictures at no cost has negated our respect for an image’s composure. With a finite amount of memory and an unlimited number of shooting configurations, a.Pix makes taking pictures simple and thought provoking.

Fish Powered Vehicle : Terranaut II

A camera mounted above the tank tracks the fish’s movement and relays that information to a computer, which then drives the robot in the direction the fish was traveling. [movie]

Device drawing pictures and lettters on water surface wit waves

A device drawing pictures and lettters on water surface with waves. Contorling the up and down movement of 50 wave creating devices attached around the water tank draws pictures and letters on the water surface. [movie]

Skydiving wind tunnel : SkyVenture

SkyVenture is a state-of-the-art skydiving wind tunnel designed for the general public. SkyVenture completely immerses visitors in the world of high adventure skydiving, without ever having to pack a parachute, pull a ripcord, or jump out of a perfectly good airplane. No experience is necessary. Virtually anyone can fly. [movie]

Paper Record Player

To play the record the handle needs to be turned in a clockwise direction at a steady 331/3 rpm. The paper cone then acts as a pick up and amplifies the sound enough to make it audible.

Automatic hose storage reel : Reel Smart

A compact hose storage reel that uses the pressure of water to rewind the hose. It has a three-piston engine that completes the job in about 90 seconds. [movie]

Bladeless Windmill Generates Electricity Efficiently

Mekaro Akita Co., has developed a windmill that uses cylinders rather than propeller blades to efficiently generate power. The five 10-meter-in-diameter cylinders individually rotate to produce sufficient lift to spin all of them in a circular motion, thereby generating electricity. An attached electrical unit provides the initial power to turn the cylinders. [movie]
(Mekaro Akita Co.: 20 million yen/via

Vehicle that travel in any direction : SideWinder

An Omni-Directional vehicle is capable of traveling in any direction. The motion of the vehicle is based on the operator's joystick inputs, and is controlled by coordinating the speed and direction of all four wheels, through the use of a specially programmed microprocessor referred to as the Vehicle Master Controller. [movie]

Levelling and stabilizing hydraulic table : FLAT Café table

FLAT is based upon an interconnected series of hydraulic actuators to provide horizontal support on uneven surfaces and then locks to provide stability at the chosen level or angle the user requires. FLAT technology enables the table top to be set level on any surface, even if the surface is sloping and uneven. [movie]

Listen to the footsteps of ants : Big Bad Booming Bugs

A microphone picks up the footstep sounds of a bug and you can listen to them through the headphones. You can also observe every detailed movement of a bug through the attacched magnifier.

Automatic bookmarker : Swan Touch

book.gif swantauch.jpg
Whenever you turn a page, this bookmark comes to the next page automatically, saving the effort of replacing the bookmark.
( Approx. $5.50 including 3pieces)

3-dimensional space Clock : Triachron

The Clock, leave the 2-dimensional surface and go into 3-dimensional space. [movie]

Polite Umbrella

"The Polite Umbrella" project is about an interactive umbrella that respects people's personal space in a public area. A user can easily adjust their umbrella anytime by pulling a handle so that one can protect themselves from harsh winds or bumping into others.
RelInfo: Psychological Circle: Personal Space
Everybody has a personal space which is the distance between the other people when we communicate with them. In a simple term, we can say it's a "territoriality".

The Digital Video Rocket

If you can't wait to get the pictures and video back from your flight, then this is the rocket for you. It is a complete rocket, that is pre-assembled. All you need to do to fly this model is attach the nylon parachute, and insert a AAA size battery in the rocket. After the flight, you can plug the camera into your WINDOWS computer, and download the exciting digital video. [movie]
(?/ $119.00)
I knew that camera attached kite but not the rocket.It's kind of crazy but I like it.

Drive from the ground up the wall : Zero Gravity

Watch in amazement as this R/C Humvee seemingly defies gravity - it actually drives up walls! Drive from the ground up the wall, then up and down in wild patterns. Full-function radio control vehicle features the advanced Air Venturi system that works like the air suction of a vacuum.
If the battery runs out while climbing a wall, what will happen?

Game Clock : Pong Clock

While this game of pong randomly plays, the so called players score the time. The left player scores the hours, and the right player scores the minutes, creating an unusual timepiece, ideal for those friday afternoon moments. [movie]
This is a kind of new type. Three stars.

CG Data -> Solid model : Wizaray-R

This is a software with which we can create a design of layer stack solid model from 3D CG data. Just print out this design drawings and cut out and stack them.
(Chubu Nihon Kogyo/ via Approx. $207.90)
Sample of model.This is grate.

The Laser-Guided Pool Cue

This is the laser-guided pool cue. The visible laser provides a precise guide for lining up the perfect shot with pinpoint accuracy. This is a very good item for beginners.
No matter how hard much I try, it doesn't line up.I really want this item.

the weight of time

Daily calendar pad hangs from the spring scale. Everytime you tear off calendar, its weight ligntens and the height of calender will be higher.
(Li zijian/ via KOKUYO Design Award 2005)
As we got older, the weight of time will be heavy or light? I feel it will be hevier.
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