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Time Fountain

If you get a strobe light fast enough, you can make it look like dripping water is going in slow motion or even backwards. This phenomenon happens because strobe lights can 'capture' an instant in time and allow your eyes to see it as lasting longer than an instant. So if the strobe light captures consecutive instants of time just out of sync with a periodic occurrence such as dripping water from a faucet, it can appear that the drops are moving slowly or even backwards. [movie]

Virtual Piano

Digital Information Development (DID) has developed a highly portable virtual piano that is played with a keyboard consisting of projected laser beams.
( $150.00/ via

Umbrella controlled iPod : iBrella

Actually, You can 'Emulate' all iPod commands solely by physical interactions with the iBrella. Refers to starting and pausing the iPod. Furthermore, you can select a random song by wildly shaking the iBrella in the air. Rotating yourself or only the handle is a means to control the music volume or track selection. [movie]

Werner Equalizer Ladder

This extension ladder features the first factory-installed leg-leveling device, which compensates for up to eight inches of elevation change between the two sides.

Water powered traveling sprinkler : RainTrain

The RainTrain travels along the length of an attached 5/8-inch hose, up to 200 feet in length; 2 transmission speeds for varying watering output and duration. Includes an automatic shut-off ramp to stop sprinkler operation; with a 13,500 square feet of maximum coverage.

Breath control car : Breath Car

This is a standard remote control toy car with a mouthpiece the player blows into to control steering. The car measures controlled change – blow gradually harder and it steers to the right; blow gradually softer and it steers to the left. At least 80% of the technique of singing or playing any wind instrument is concerned with controlled breathing. [movie]

Toothbrush with adhesive disk : Pitacchi

A toothbrush which can be attached anywhere with an adhesive disk.

A paper fan formed by silkworms

Silkworms form a fan. Let five or six wilkworms wriggle on the frames of a fan and the fan will be completed in three days.
(OnishiKiitoKoge: $20.00-/ via yahoo news)

Door scope advertising

The new advertising is a STICKER placed in front of your peephole to help you visualize the use of the service advertised.
(?/ via

Training Fire Extinguisher : Kunren Sui Sui

Fire Extinguisher for the training purpose, repeatedly usable with water filled in. Extinguihser training is easier because of economic efficiency. [movie]
( $178.50/ via WBS)

Clamping Chain Saws : Alligator LopperTM

Innovative Clamping Jaws Grab and Cut in One Easy Motion. Heavy Duty Cutting Bar and Chain Deliver Fast Cutting of Thick Branches and Logs. [movie]

Pocket warmer which can be torn into pieces : Sharing Pocket Warmer

Pocket warmer which can be torn into pieces and shared.

Standing Pot

Standing watering-pot. Perfect for tight spaces.

Radio-controlled fishing boat : Kamome

Radio-controlled fishing boat cruising to a target point to release a fishline. This boat installed with a fish detector and a water temperature sensor detects under-water conditions and better fishing points. Besides, GPS installed on the boat can automatic drive to the designated point. [movie]
( $6,090.00-/ via WBS)

USB Turntable

USB Turntable you can put all your LPs, 12"s and singles straight into your digital library. And if you're one of those trendy DJs (we're talking Carl Cox, not Pat Sharpe) who likes mixing it on the decks with vinyl you can put all your bangin' anthems on to your PC for transfer to CD or MP3.
(?/ Approx. $225.00)

Charity vending machine

Like many typical vending machines, the charity machine sells drinks, but it also deducts donations if the user wishes. At first glance the vending machine appears just like any other. Above the coin slot, however, are two buttons: one for a 10-yen donation, the other for a 100-yen donation.
(Miyagi Heartful Vendor/ via

Automatic water-feed neon-lighted plant pot which can keep goldfish

Automatic water-feed plant pot with a water tank which can keep goldfish. Besides, attached neon light creates a magical atomosphere. It's easier to understand that a water tank for tropical fish has turned into a plant pot.
(?/ Yumemitsuketai: $162.75)

Illuminatioin which flashes in the event of an earthquake : Yurepica

A ceiling light whose security light detects an intensity 4 or more quake and flushes for 5 minutes. The light with rechargeable battery installed functions without fail even in the event of power failure.

Foldable bicycle which turns into a cart : CarryBike

Traveling where transportation is limited makes you boring with little scope of activity. This foldable bicycle-cart is very convenient since it can be used as a cart while on board a train or a bus and as a bicycle on your journey. You can enjoy your journey with this bicycle-cart to your heart's content.
(LUTZ/ MYA: $380.00)

Globe providing infomation on social issues : Green Globe

A globe showing information on social issues such as global warming, starvation, armed conflicts and others. Various kinds of social issues visualized on one globe may let us realize a fundamental cause of those issues with a microscopic view.
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