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Dual lense digital camera : EasyShare V705

A digital camera with wide-angle lense and 3X optical zoom lense selects automatically the proper one of the two depending on the scene desired.
( $500.00/ via

People emerges by shadows : Partyshades

Well chosen lighting is an important ingredient for every successful party. An interesting and atmospheric by-product of light are its shadows. Our design uses those shadows to create the right ambiance; A 360 degrees skyline of lively people emerges by shadows on the walls. Productinformation: Name:Partyshades interior lighting. Diameter: 80 centimeter Lasercut metal sheet with lighting fixture.
(georges beaujean, guido ooms/ via

Rock fall prevention net with enhanced flexibility

Conventional rhomboid-shaped wire is changed to spirally-shaped so that sesquialteral big energy can be abosorbed in order to protect railway from small-scale stone fall. Picture on the right is a new net, on the right is conventional net.

Measure the quality of an art piece : Art-O-Meter

Art-O-Meter is a device that measures the quality of an art piece. It bases its evaluation on the amount of time that people spend in front of an artwork compared to the total time of exhibition. The measurements are graphically represented by comments and a 5 star rating system. [movie]

Tennis Robot hitting balls with a racket : Swing Shot

World's first tennis robot hitting balls with a racket. Conventional robots cannot provide effective practices because it is impossible to foresee the timing of ball release and ball pitches. These problems are solved by hitting balls with a racket. Speed of a ball can be adjusted between 20 km/h and 70 km/h. The bobot can slso release balls in different pitches, such as spin, lob, smash. The robot is remote-controlled. The manufacturer is expecting introduction of robotts to tennis schools and others. [movie]
( $8400.00/ via BNC Ranking)

Rainbow Color Rose : Rainbow Rose Alice

Coloring by absorbing dye compound dyes each petal of a rose with differnt color. [movie]

Fish Loft

Fishloft lets your fish come out of the pond.

Smile Helmet

A helmet for people in jobs which demand an unusual amount of smiling, such as air-stewards, receptionists and politicians. A sensor in the front of the helmet detects anybody within a 2 metre range, at which point the mouth is pulled into a broad grin by a small servo motor and some concealed fishing wire. The helmet addresses the facades of social interaction and explores our responses to affected expressions. It is modelled here by Brendan Walker. [movie]

Remote Flying with VR Goggles and a Camera

Here's a remarkable video shot from the cockpit of a radio-controlled airplane. The camera's video is transmitted to the flyer on the ground below, who's wearing VR goggles. When he moves his head, the remote camera's pans and tilts correspond exactly to his movements. [movie]
(?/ via sasapong)

Remember Rings

24 hours before your special day, the Hot Spot™ on the interior surface of your Remember Ring™ will warm to 120º F for approximately 10 seconds, and continue to warm up every hour, on the hour, all day long! Using a micro thermopile, The Remember Ring™ converts the heat from your hand into electricity, keeping the battery charged and microchip clock running perpetually. Just specify your anniversary date when you order, and we'll program your ring for you.

TMX Tickle Me Elmo

Sit T.M.X. Elmo down and hit one of his three "tickle" spots. There's one under his chin, one on his belly, and one on top of his foot. Yes, this Elmo wiggles just like he did 10 years ago, but that's just the start. Elmo slaps his belly, falls forward with his butt sticking out, stands back up again only to topple backwards, kicks his legs over his belly, and then stands right back up, all while laughing hysterically. [movie]

Cheerful Party Lamp Shade : Partyshades

Well chosen lighting is an important ingredient for every successful party. An interesting and atmospheric by-product of light are its shadows. Our design uses those shadows to create the right ambiance; A 360 degrees skyline of lively people emerges by shadows on the walls.
(georges beaujean + guido ooms / via

USB rechargeable battery : USBCELL

This NiMH AA cell can be used like a normal battery and can be recharged simply by plugging into a USB port.
( £12.99/ via

Rubik's Cube Solving Robot : RuCuS

Working over the course of a school year, the team devised a vision system that provides input that ultimately drives robotic arms that grip and manipulate the puzzle cube. They also devised algorithms that solve the puzzle in less than two minutes, often aligning the colors in seconds [movie]

Six-Sided Harmonica

Hohner instrument company combines six harmonicas into a single component, creating the largest tonal range available in any Hohner tremolo model.

Drive with your dog : Dog Mapple Kanto

A map full of information on restaurants, accommodations, dog-runs and others for dogs.

Plug'n Play TV Game Keychains : Game Paddle Keychain

Atari Game Paddle Keychain features the original Pong, Breakout and Warlords. These authentic gaming units plug directly into your TV and feature full video graphics and sounds just like the Atari originals, but in a size small enough to carry in your pocket.

Music toothbrush : Tooth Tunes

Scientists have invented a remarkable toothbrush that lets you listen to pop songs while you scrub away - by transmitting the sound waves through your teeth and jawbone to your ear. The device, called Tooth Tunes, plays for exactly two minutes - the amount of time dentists recommend should be devoted to brushing every morning and night.

Proper hydration bottle : HydraCoach

The HydraCoach calculates personal hydration needs, tracks every sip taken, monitors daily progress and motivates individuals to achieve and maintain proper hydration.

3D Display Cube (pong)

A patented system that integrates LED technology to create true three-dimensional imagery, the 3D Display Cube has wide spread uses with retail and public display, signage applications, home display, and advertising.
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